Owner/Operator of Way Out West

Name ... John Tomes

DOB ... 8/3/1952

Stats .. 6-2 .. 200 .. black/gray hair (bald on top!) .. mustache and beard.

I was born on a farm in eastern Nebraska. My family moved to eastern Colorado when I was 14.

After attending the University Of Colorado, I worked as a cop for several years in western Nebraska.

After that, I returned to Colorado to start up a video store in my hometown. In 1990, I moved to Fairplay, Colorado, where Way Out West got its start as "Big John's Closet" .. a small catalog operation featuring mostly athletic apparel and work duds.

After moving to Granby, Colorado and then Laramie, Wyoming, Way Out West first appeared on the Internet in 1994.

To better serve my customers, I moved to northern Idaho in 2000. Then in May, 2005, my partner and me moved to the current home of Way Out West In Montana in Mineral County, Montana and have been enjoying the spectacular scenery here ever since.

Well .. you might as well know the whole story! Back on May 15-16, 2004, I participated in the gay rodeo in Reno, Nevada. I signed up for chute dogging, steer decorating and bullriding. Yeppers! Gonna have a bunch of fun!!

The first day .. Saturday, May 15th .. went without too much surprise. I was the last one to ride. I got a big, mean, black bull. After nodding my head that I was ready .. I burst out in the arena with a bull between my legs. YEEHAW! The ride only lasted about 2 seconds. Then the bull bucked me off. I landed pretty much on my feet .. with my eyes on the bull .. and I was safe and sound. Whew! One ride down .. and one ride to go!

The ride on Sunday, May 16th will go down in my personal annals. I remember being the second to the last guy to ride. I remember climbing up the side of the chute, seeing my four-legged "partner" waiting in the chute, and sliding my legs over both side of the black beast. And that's the last thing I remember .. HONEST .. the last thing I remember for the next 2 weeks.

According to my safety man and partner, Jeff, I rode the bull for a couple of seconds, got bucked and landed smack-dab in the middle of my forehead on the hard ground. I was out at least 15 minutes, before the ambulance guys halfway revived me and sent me on a long trip to the local hospital. I don't remember a single second of my hospital stay.

It was a full 2 weeks before my memory came back to me to stay. I'm okay now. And I wish to express my deep appreciation to my partner, Jeff, for all his help and assistance. A number of you guys spoke with Jeff during my mental "absence" .. ha! But I am back in control of Way Out West now. So hang in there! And COWBOY UP!!

The pix are from the Reno NV Rodeo. It's me before and after the chute dogging event on Saturday, May 15th, 2004.

I had a heckuva good time with chute dogging .. I even managed to hang onto and bring my doggie the next morning! Yeehaw!

There is something so masculine about rodeo! I don't know what it is, but I sure intend to go back and try it again!

No matter the guy participating in the event .. it's just a lot of fun! And work, too!

So COWBOY UP! And enjoy some rodeo! You won't regret it for a second!!

Oh, yeah .. here's a link to some shots of the bullriding accident. RODEO PIX

The pictures are courtesy of Pete Denham (Carharttfitch).






Back from rodeo in Phoenix, Arizona!

Dang it all to heck! I got me a bullriding helmet and I tried it out

at the PhoenixGay Rodeo on January 15, 2005.

Fun as hell!!

I got me an ornery steer that kept trying to jump out of the

chute before the ride even started. Dang it!

He was a longhorn .. and my left leg carries a few

souvenirs of his horns .. HA!!!

I got bucked off and was VERY HAPPY to have on my

helmet .. cause I hit my head hard!




That's me with my hand up in the air .. and steer under me.


Damn! It's a lot of fun!


You gotta try it!


Nothing like having a wild critter between your legs


taking you out for a "little spin" around the arena. HA!



This is me after making my CRASH LANDING and

waving the steer goodbye! HA!

That helmet did me a big favor and saved my noggin

from my serious hurt. I just got a nasty

headache for my efforts.

Next stop .. Las Vegas NV in April for some more

rodeo. I plan on riding steers again.

Then it's on to Reno NV .. where I hope to try a bull

or two again.

Hell .. I just wanna ride one!!!


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