A Pictorial History Of Where We've Been ..

(Big John's Closet In Granby, Colorado .. December 1992)

(Wyoming Boot Company outside of Woods Landing, Wyoming .. June 1996)

(Way Out West Outside Of Kersey, Colorado .. July 1999)

(Way Out West in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho .. May 2004)

A little history ..

(1) Born deep in the Colorado Rocky Mountains (Granby, Colorado) in December 1992 as BIG JOHN'S CLOSET

(2) Moved to Laramie, Wyoming In May 1993 to become the WYOMING BOOT COMPANY

(3) Then out to the ranch near Wood's Landing, Wyoming in June 1995

(4) Moved over to Kersey, Colorado in May 1998 and named WAY OUT WEST

(5) Then out to Coeur d'Alene, ID in August 2000

(6) And finally ending up outside of Saint Regis, Montana in May 2005 as WAY OUT WEST IN MONTANA

(Way Out West In Montana outside of Saint Regis, Montana since May 20, 2005 ..)


Whew! A lot of moves! But the Cowboy Up Montana Ranch is the final stop! YEEHAW!

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