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Item #33341
6 Pairs Of Bluecollar Stud Worn Underwear .. X-Large .. Boxerbriefs, Boxer & Brief .. Brands Are FTL, GILDAN, KIRKLAND, HATHAWA, LUPO & HANES .. Elastic/Elasticized Waistbands .. Fly & Button-Fly Fronts .. No Damage .. Been Laundered .. Great Work-n-Play Worn Shape By Northeastern Montana Oilfield Worker .. $22.00




Item #33342
CARHARTT Painter’s Bib Overalls .. 38 Waist & 36 Length .. Adjustable Shoulder Straps .. Zipper Fly .. Double Knees .. Plenty Of Pockets .. Dirty & Stained .. No Damage .. Great Work Worn Shape By Western Montana Carpenter/Handyman .. $25.00





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Item #33349
WRANGLER Roughout Cowboy Boots .. Size 11 EE .. Style 1141 .. 13" Tall With 1.5" Slanted Heels .. Dark Brown Brushed Leather .. Regular Toes .. Stitched Vamps & Shafts .. Original Soles .. Scuffed & Dirty .. Some Thread Separation Left Boot Shaft Top .. Great Worn Shape From Feet Of Western Montana Line-Dancing-Loving Environmental Cleanup Employee .. $69.00



HOT DEALS are a great way to save you money .. so check out 'em HERE

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