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Item L-447
Game Warden’s Cum-Stained-Dirty-Soiled DUOFOLD Red 2- Layer Unionsuit .. Large .. 9 White Button Front .. 1 White Button Backflap .. No Damage .. A Little Smelly .. Light-To-Medium Piss Stains .. Medium Skids .. Nice Cum Stain In Crotch .. Spent A Lot Of Time In The Woods Recently On Frame Of Northwestern Wyoming Fish & Game Law Enforcement Officer (With Some Extra Time On His Hands!!) .. $40.00



Item #33779
4 Pairs Of Cowboy Stained-n-Soiled GILDAN Boxerbriefs .. Large .. Elastic Waistbands .. Fly Front .. No Damage .. Smelly .. Medium-To-Heavy Piss Stains .. Little-To-Light Skids .. Seem Plenty Of "Back In The Saddle" Wear By Northern Montana Working Ranch Cowboy .. $25.00




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