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Item #33577
5 Pairs Of Stud-Worn Underwear .. Large .. 1 Brief & 4 Boxerbriefs .. Brands Are CORE PERFORMANCE, FTL & HANES .. Elastic Waistbands .. Fly Fronts .. No Damage .. Been Laundered … All Show Wear .. From Western Montana US Forest Service Smokejumper Center Employee/Instructor .. $22.00




Item #33578
One Jockey Y-Front Black Brief .. 52 Waist .. Elastic Waistband .. No Damage .. Worn Only Once And Then Laundered .. From Northwestern Montana Water Well Driller Who Is Going To Lose A Few Pounds And Wear Only White Undies .. $5.00






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HOT DEALS are a great way to save you money .. so check out 'em HERE

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